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Terry Riches
International Budo Federation
Henry Lewiston 1934 - 2009
Wally Szlagowski
1925 - 2009
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The International Budo Federation was established in Europe over 50 years ago. Australia in the early 1970's became a part of that global organization under leadership by Peter Schuller. Nowadays the IBF Australia plays an important role in bringing together genuine martial artists from around the country to participate in competitions, training days or workshops and a global network. We also support many community fundraising events for the Cancer Council and Beyond Blue. Many of our members also take on their own community events. It is with pride that we also give recognition to those pioneers before us who made a difference and who's legacy continues in students and martial arts communities still going to this day.

Kyoshi Terry Riches and Shihan Kym Reid have established a very unique and vast community of great martial artists, all supporting good events and causes. It is not for profit in structure and holds pride in maintaining the Budo Charter, actively supporting it's members with gradings, competitions, and introductions. It is seen as a peer group to many other organizations and new competitions and state communities are still developing with a focus more on active participation rather than ranks and titles. While groups come and go, only the IBF Australia can say it is the longest standing multi-style organization committed to "Building a Better Martial Arts Community"  Why don't you consider the benefits for your club and students.
Jan De Jong
1921 - 2003
Kym Reid
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Welcome to new members ...  Womens ABC Self-defence... South Gippsland Freestyle Karate (Vic) ...... Seon Do Kwan Taekwondo (SA) ..... Kiai  Ju-Jitsu Kan (SA) ...... Yuukan Judo Club  (NSW) ........ Ricardo vargas JKD (Vic)
Moss Hollis
1920 - 1985
New website
The IBF Australia website needed an update to fit with new technologies to help the public to navigate on their phones and tablets. This works in with our goals to bring members to the fore when people are researching to find one of the better martial arts club at which to train. The new domain defines us as the "Australian" arm of the global IBF community. This current website will eventually close so please save the link to our new website at
Messages can be directed through the contact form as the ibf.com.au email links disappear.